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Better than Trados: Download MemoQ 6.2 for Free

New memoQ 6.2 adds significant functionality to version 6.0.

SDL package support, the Muse, InDesign support with preview, enhanced predictive typing, new QA checks, Autopick, working with multiple MT engines at the same time, and the Zen are just a few of the many features that memoQ 6.2 brings.

Learn how new features and concepts can optimize your daily work and how some memoQ functionalities are going to the cloud:

New memoQ Features

Muses. memoQ 6.2 now suggests expressions extracted from translation memories as you type. Create a Muse and train it from your existing TMs or LiveDocs corpora.

SDL Studio package (SDLPPX) support. Use memoQ 6.2 to import documents and translation memories with a single click, and create a return package that SDL Trados Studio accepts.

New QA checks. Identify discrepancies between the TM contents and the document for 100% and 101% matches, check if tags are ordered properly, enjoy more ease of use and better flexibility in checking that your translations are not longer than allowed. If there is a missing term in your translation, the warning text will now offer the possible target terms.

The Zen. There is no need to explain what the Zen is about. Just download and give it a try!

Enhanced predictive typing. memoQ 6.2’s predictive typing is now case sensitive, and minds punctuation marks and apostrophes.

101% matches in LiveDocs. Keep context information when working with matches coming from LiveDocs. (This works with newly created corpora, not with previously created ones.)

AutoPick. Press Ctrl in the target segment to insert numbers, tags, term base entries, and upper-case words from the source and from the translation results.

Right-click spelling suggestions. Suggested corrections will come up for words underlined by the spell checker.

Multiple MT engines used at the same time. Get matches from all selected MT engines at the same time, and pick the best one.

New filtering and sorting options. Filter for X-translated segments, for segments with tracked changes, for modifications made by certain users or segment modification time, and sort by segment status. If you are a reviewer, these are THE filters for you.

Versioning improvements. Restore a previous state of a segment or the entire document. This is the ultimate protection against unwanted changes.

memoQ in the cloud

In parallel with memoQ 6.2, Kilgray releases the Language Terminal, a new cloud-based system that offers functionality not possible in a desktop tool.
  • Registration and login from within memoQ itself. Set up your customer platform registration details and a cloud connection directly from memoQ.
  • Online storage for project backups. Back up projects to the customer platform cloud, and restore these even on another computer with an internet connection, without having to move the files manually.
  • InDesign support with preview. Using a cloud-based file filter, Language Terminal uses an InDesign server in the background to import INDD, INX or IDML documents. Once Language Terminal processes an InDesign document, you get a memoQ bilingual document with the text, the live preview, and a PDF file for your reference. The preview works in memoQ and memoQWebTrans, too.
Other improvements to memoQ 6.2

  • A completely rewritten SDLXLIFF filter to ensure SDLXLIFF compatibility.
  • Disable translation result types. If you don’t want to receive certain match types in the memoQ translation results, you can now disable them.
  • Opening documents automatically after export. See immediately how the export looks, without having to manually find and open your translated document.

memoQ Free Download

You can download the free version of memoQ 6.2 here: http://kilgray.com/downloads


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