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Download TMX English Turkish

Econometrics Glossary   (Turkish-English)

Econometrics glossary Windows program by Turkish Language Institution (TDK).

Click here to download: tdkets.exe

2011-07-07 | Dictionary | tags: glossary, terminology, econometrics, software

Glossary for the European Union   (English-Turkish)

The glossary of terms published by the Republic of Turkey Secretariat General for European Union Affairs in 2009.

Click here to download: glossary_for_the_european_union.pdf

2011-07-06 | Dictionary | tags: glossary, terminology, EU

Glossary of Climate Change   (English-Turkish)

English-Turkish glossary of climate change, published by Department of Climate Change, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urban Development.

Click here to download: terimlersözlügü.pdf

2012-09-07 | Dictionary | tags: glossary, terminology, climate change

Glossary of Concrete Terms   (Turkish-English)

Glossary of concrete terms used in civil engineering and architecture.

Click here to download: beton_soz_tr.pdf

2012-08-12 | Dictionary | tags: glossary, terminology, civil engineering, architecture