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OmegaT Video Tutorials

There are dozens of videos in order to help novice OmegaT users. These video tutorials cover range of translation with OmegaT topics. The following is a list of these video topics:

  • Introduction to OmegaT
  • How to install OmegaT
  • Translating with OmegaT - The Basics
  • How to configure a spellchecker in OmegaT
  • OmegaT's panes in one minute
  • Can you translate faster with Google Translate?
  • How to localize Mozilla with OmegaT
  • OmegaT glossary usage
  • Comparison of MemoQ and OmegaT
  • How To Create a New Project in OmegaT
  • Complete translation workflow in OmegaT

The playlist of OmegaT videos are on the Qabiria YouTube channel:


Additional information can be found on Qabiria's website: http://www.qabiria.com/


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