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Informatics Terminology Database   (English-Turkish)

5000 terms selected from the informatics glossary prepared by Turkish Informatics Association. You can use it bidirectionally by importing into the terminology database of your CAT software.

Click here to download: td-bilisim_sozlugu-20110712_entr.rar

2023-01-28 | Term Database | tags: terminology database, informatics, computer, TMX

Translation Memory in Computer Domain   (English-Turkish)

Translation memory with ten thousand English-Turkish sentences in computer domain. You can use it bidirectionally by importing into your CAT software. This TMX can also be used in Natural Language Processing (NLP) application training.

Click here to download: tm_bilgisayar_alani-20110711-entr.rar

2023-01-28 | Dictionary | tags: translation memory, TMX, computer, office, NLP