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OmegaT 2.5.5_03 and 2.6.1_01 released

OmegaT is a free and open source multiplatform Computer Assisted Translation tool for language service providers and translators with fuzzy matching, translation memory, keyword search, glossaries, and translation leveraging into updated projects.

And in October 1 OmegaT latest version 2.6.1 update 1 and OmegaT standard version 2.5.5 update 3 were released.

OmegaT 2.5.5 update 3 has a new file filter for Visio (*.vxd) files and a small improvement in the Linux Kaptain script.

In the TXML filter (the native OmegaT one) the content of revisions could appear. This has been corrected.

The German localisation has been updated to 2.5.5.

In addition to the elements above, OmegaT 2.6.1_1 has a number of improvements.

The PO filter was improved. It is now possible to hide headers, and OmegaT supports plural forms.

In the HTML filter, there is now an option to compress whitespace and remove comments in the target document.

In the project file list, the encoding and the filter used are now listed.

To allow using OmegaT on small screens, the Project Properties dialog can now be resized.

It is possible to load a TMX as an "alternative source”", allowing displaying more than one source language in the Editor for the current segment.

You can download the standard version and latest version here:

News source: Didier Briel at OmegaT Yahoo Group, http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/OmegaT/message/26398 in 1.10.2012


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